Good Meals and How to Prepare Them

This book was published by Good Housekeeping in 1927.  Right at the beginning, there’s a helpful introduction explaining “How Your Friends May Get This Book”.

“Sooner or later your friends will learn that you possess this book.  You will be having them in for dinner some evening, and they will express their enthusiastic admiration of your delightful hospitality– your attractive table settings– your gracious serving– and your delectable dishes.  Then, glowing with their praises, you will in an unguarded moment reveal the fact that your possess a copy of this book. ”  (I know I have this problem myself…)

According to this, it could not be purchased, but rather it was a gift to subscribers of the Good Housekeeping magazine which cost $4.50 for two years’ subscription.

In the Drinks and Beverages section they have 4 ways of making coffee: Drip Coffee, Percolated Coffee, Iced Coffee (who knew they drank Iced Coffee in the 20’s?  I thought it was a relatively ‘new’ thing), and Boiled Coffee.  I found the Boiled Coffee the most interesting, you first “Scald the coffee pot”.  Then “Grind the coffee “medium,” and measure, allowing two spoonfuls to each cupful of cold water”.  Lastly you “Beat one egg slightly, add one-half of the cold water, the crushed, washed egg-shell and the ground coffee.  Turn into coffee pot, pour in rest of cold water and boil three minutes.  Then let stand on the back of the stove for ten minutes and serve”.  Yum?  Boiled egg coffee.  I don’t think I’ll be trying that one anytime soon personally.